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About us

AYA studios is based in South East London - A Black, disabled, queer owned space where you are invited to join us and be celebrated As You Are.


We believe in creating a community of people who love the power of movement as much as we do. We are creating a space for you to use your body in a way that feels natural to you.

Whatever your age*, gender, weight, fitness level, we welcome you as you are. 

*16 years+

Our Classes

Every class and course is thoughtfully designed to meet your needs and areas of interest. See the classes most suitable one for you.

Dancer Legs

Pole Fitness-Beginners

Our friendly beginner classes have been designed to let you practice new techniques, all while enjoying pole in an inspiring, judgment-free environment. Suitable if you have never tried pole before, or if you have been doing pole for a while. 
Whether you're looking to just have fun or learn new moves—this is the place to be.


Pole Fitness-Mixed level 

In these classes, we will continue to develop skills gained at beginners level while improving technique and developing strength. 
If you can invert, but not yet shouldermount, this class is for you!
Classes include more advanced spins, up the pole and inverted combos and different ways to invert.


Pole Fitness-Intermediate/Advanced

If you can shoulder mount, and invert on both sides, this class is for you!

Princess Foxxx will take you through up the pole and inverted combos, dynamic tricks and flexible tricks. Tell us your pole goals, and we will work with you to make them a reality!


Beginners Pole Dance / All level Pole Dance

Suitable for complete beginners, you will learn pole routines that tap into the many different styles of pole dance - floorwork, sexy, contemporary, artistic... Ideal for those looking to enhance their freestyle skills/find their individual style and learn choreo.

For intermediate classes, suitable for those that can invert.

This class has it all! Floorwork, inverted tricks, up the pole combos, climbs, drops, kips, freestyle fillers - Each class will focus on a different theme or technique with a mix of transitions and tricks leading to a routine at the end of the class.


Mixed level Spinny Pole

Suitable for experienced Beginners to Advanced. Using the momentum of spinny pole to unlock moves that seem impossible on static, all while looking effortlessly graceful!


Bend and Stretch Academy

If you want to improve your flexibility, this is the class for you! Suitable for all levels, Princess Foxxx will be sharing her bendy contortion expertise where you will do intensive stretching on all areas of the body and learn exercises you can also do at home. This class will help you reach your flexibility and mobility goals.

Pricing options

If you enjoy our single dance/fitness classes, try out our monthly membership options:




(£14 per class)

Mix and match from our selection of classes.



(£13 per class)

Mix and match from our selection of classes.



(£12 per class)

Mix and match from our selection of classes plus priority access to workshops.



(£11 per class)

Mix and match from our selection of classes plus priority access to workshops and photoshoots.

Flexible options



Use this option to drop in and attend one off classes when you like.



(valid for 12 weeks)

Use your sessions to Mix and match from our selection of classes. When your pass expires, you can purchase a new one.

Before you arrive

Please do not use lotions or oils on the skin before class as this makes the poles slippery. Please remove all jewellery.

Wear clothing that will make you feel confident, however for safety reasons we ask that clothes are form fitting and appropriate for class. If it is your first class, leggings are fine. As you become more advanced, skin contact with the pole will become more important.

It is a good idea to bring water with you to class to stay hydrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a specific gender to join?

No. Gender is not a binary. We use gender neutral language when teaching and have gender neutral facilities.

I haven't exercised before, can I join?

Absolutely! We want you to come

"As You Are”! Most of us can't lift our own body weight and come from a zero exercise background when we start.

We get stronger and more graceful by going to classes.

How do I book?

You can make and manage all bookings online at our booking site (you can also click the button at the bottom of this page) You will have the option to book single classes or choose membership or class pass options.
If you have any questions please send us a Direct message or email and we will be happy to assist.

I have a disability, can I join?

Definitely! Whether your disability is visible or invisible, tell us about it so we can tailor the content so you can get the most from your class.

We don't promise to know everything about your needs, but we will consult with you to make sure you are comfortable and safe.


What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your appointment, respectfully request at least 24 hours notice. You can manage your own bookings at log in and transfer your ticket to another class.

Is there an age limit for classes?

We do not teach anyone under the age on 16.

What can I wear?

Wear clothing that will make you feel confident, however for safety reasons we ask that clothes are form fitting and appropriate for the class. If it is your first ever pole class, leggings are fine. Heels are optional, we recommend knee pads for dance classes (you can purchase a pair in our studios).

Do I need to be flexible?

No you do not! If you do want to improve your flexibility, we have a Bend and Flex class where you will do intensive stretching and exercises to increase your overall flexibility.

Will everyone be friendly?

Our team of instructors have been specifically chosen because they have experience in fostering friendly, safe environments.
In the rare event that your experience is not welcoming, we also have a range of ways to provide feedback including anonymous.

Does it hurt?

You will feel minor aches and pains after class as you have worked so hard - recovery does get easier! You may also have some ‘Pole kisses’ (bruising).

Other side effects include a happy exercise buzz and increased confidence.

Our studios

AYA Pole Dance & Fitness -CROYDON CENTRAL
Nuffield Health

44 Surrey Street, 

Grants Entertainment Centre, 



AYA Pole Dance & Fitness - NORWOOD JUNCTION
The Shoestring Theatre
Oakley Road

South Norwood
SE25 4XG

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Hands on a Dancing Pole


At our Norwood Junction site, the closest station is Norwood Junction Rail it's less than a 12 minute walk away. There is also access to free on-site parking and spaces on the roads nearby. We have a ramp and lift access to the studio.


At our East Croydon branch, there is pay & display parking available on local roads. East Croydon rail/Tram station is less than 10 minutes walk. There are s


Any questions? Please get in contact with us!

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