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Pole Fitness - Beginners

Prerequisite: None

Beginner classes/courses have been designed to introduce you to pole foundations and tricks. This will enable you to build your upper body strength.


  • You have never tried pole before or;

  • You are working up to going upside down on the pole or working your other side

Pole Fitness - Level Up

Prerequisites: Climbs, spins & seats on both sides

The Level Up class is designed with accessibility in mind. You will learn multiple entries into upright and upside down tricks and different ways to link them together

Pole Fitness - Combos

Prerequisite: Going upside down on both sides        

Our Combos class is for students that are confidently performing tricks upside down on the pole and would like the challenge of executing longer combinations of tricks, from floor to pole transitions to dynamic and flexible tricks.

Pole Fitness-Mixed level

Prerequisite: None

Our mixed level classes, provides the opportunity for students to recap existing skills and learn new ones, whilst having the chance to train with others at different stages of their pole journey.

Intro to Spinny Pole 

Prerequisite: None

Learn the secrets behind graceful spinning combos and enhance your strength. Students will link together a series of poses whilst building up tolerance to spinning pole.     

Mixed level Spinny Pole

Prerequisites: Climbs, spins and seats on both sides

Using the momentum of spinny pole to unlock moves that seem impossible on static, all while looking effortlessly graceful. This class will build upon skills gained in the Intro class, to include upside down tricks and more complex combinations.

 Beginners Pole Dance

Prerequisites: None

You will learn pole routines that tap into the many different styles of pole dance - floorwork, sexy, contemporary, artistic... Ideal for those looking to enhance their freestyle skills/find their individual style and learn choreo.                 


Knee pads recommended, Heels optional

Heels and Floorplay

Prerequisites: None

Suitable for all, including our baby baddies with no dance experience. In this fun dance class you will learn routines off the pole that tap into the many different styles of dance - floorwork, sexy, contemporary, artistic and sometimes with the pole. Sexy, sultry movements are broken down to help you connect with your sensual side.


Knee pads recommended, heels/trainers advised but optional.

Friday Night Slinks - Jam and Flow

Prerequisites: None

In this monthly session, we turn the lights down low and release our inhibitions. Students will be supported to recap what they've learned and create routines.

Knee pads recommended, Heels optional

Barre and Flex 

Prerequisites: None

Suitable for all levels. Students will increase their strength and flexibility through barre, pilates and contortion exercises.

Please bring a Mat/Knee pads form-fitting clothing.


Sedusa Swan

Sedusa Swan is a professional Pole Instructor, Performer, Judge and Stripper. Sedusa is a professional who is truly dedicated to her craft and is thus fully qualified, insured and first aid trained.

From performing on big stages. to teaching in studio’s, retreats,  online schools. working in clubs and holding competition titles: over her several years in the industry.


Sedusa has a wealth of knowledge that she pools from all of these areas. This has provided her with a unique perspective on movement. Informed by her diverse experiences that she loves to share with her students, she is truly passionate about teaching students how to discover and practise sensual movement in a way that feels good and authentic to them. She strives to ensure all workshop attendees feel valued, able to be inquisitive and leave with something, even if that something is just a new perspective).


She believes discovering sensual movements should be accessible for all and seeks to reflect this in her versatile teaching approach which is big on allowing students to personalise & adapt the content she provides and always offering variations whenever needed.

Sedusa will be at AYA on Sunday 19th May 2024- book now!


Enya Torres

Join us at AYA for an unforgettable workshop experience with Enya Torres!


We're hosting two incredible workshops on Sunday 28th April 2024


  • F#ck Me Style Floorwork

  • Inner $tripper Lap Dance (Chair workshop) 

Unleash your inner seductress in this tantalising floorwork workshop. In this choreography-based session, you'll learn sensual & provocative movements to get you moving effortlessly across the floor. You'll learn how to tantalise and how to use expression to have your audience in the palm of your hand. Guaranteed to leave you feeling confident, empowered and sexy.

Then, dive into the art of seduction with Inner Stripper Lap Dance, a chair workshop led by a seasoned $tripper. You'll discover tips and tricks to invent your own unique style! This workshop is a safe space for sexual expression, where you'll learn all the tips and tricks to help you invent your own, individual style. You will learn the true art of seduction, and how to create a truly alluring performance. Whether you want to spice up your own relationship, learn some extra tricks for the hustle or simply embrace your own allure, there's something in this workshop for you.


Suitable for all levels.

Lauren Elise

Best known for her dynamic, fluid basework, Lauren has pulled all of her tangliest, swooshiest, slinkiest flows into this workshop, focusing on creative transitions, tricks and twirls around the lower third of the pole.

Learn how to effectively work with the pole to control momentum, incorporate effortless direction changes and create crowd-pleasing sequences to enhance your routines.

Undress in the best way, learn to milk those movements before the full reveal with this sexy striptease workshop. We’ll be working through a series of tips and tricks to undress and impress, finding interesting transitions to help you effortlessly de-robe. Incorporating dance and

floor work, you’ll be able to take these moves to the stage, studio, or straight to the bedroom…

Lauren was at AYA on Sunday 3rd March 2024 

Screenshot 2023-12-20 000406.png
Screenshot 2023-12-20 000025.png

PoleCity UK

Yang Yang (The Poletician) & Frankie Louise Wall present Pole City UK- doubles workshops coming to AYA.

Baby Baddies Dive into a complete beginner-friendly, slow, and sensual stripper pole & floorwork choreo for doubles.


Learn freestyling essentials with your partner and finish with 2 tricks of your choice to complete the routine!

Strictly Trickin’ Suitable for experienced beginners and beyond, explore a wide range of doubles tricks tailored to your and your partner's abilities.


Elevate your skills with an impressive repertoire of tricks for your next pole jam!

Pole City UK had a day of workshops at AYA on Sunday 4th February 2024.

Jade Skywalker

Jade Skywalker is co-owner of AYA studios in South London - Black, disabled, queer owned space where you are invited to join us and be celebrated As You Are. Jade has been an instructor for 8 years 

Jade's Bootyful Flow workshop will be Pole based choreo with emphasis on using twerkniques to highlight the derriere.


Movement is catered to your individual body type and movement patterns, so no previous experience required.


Jade's amazing workshop was held on Sunday 3rd December 2023 at AYA

Screenshot 2023-12-19 235029.png

Jordan Kensley

Jordan Kensley is a California-based pole dancer and instructor. She discovered pole dancing from a Youtube video in the summer of 2012 and, with no prior movement experience, decided then and there that she needed to be able to “do that”. After moving to Los Angeles she discovered her first pole dancing studio, and was soon in any class she could find time for wearing heels from the start. From that first spark of interest, her passion for movement & the body as an apparatus has grown ever since.

Jordan’s goal as an instructor is to help her students realize those same qualities in themselves; she enjoys sharing her enthusiasm with her friends and students. She  has met so many inspiring people within this community and is looking forward to meeting you and your Pole Family.

Jordan had a day of workshops at AYA on Sunday 15th October 2023.

Princess Foxxx

Power house Princess Foxxx is a part of the AYA family and held a workshop at AYA on Sunday 25th June 2023.

​Princess Foxxx is a UK instructor and performer from London, specialising in teaching flexibility and pole tricks.


She enjoys exploring and creating unusual shapes on the pole.


She regularly travels to discover new skills and has trained in destinations such as: Thailand, Dubai, France and the Caribbean

She has been in love with pole for over 8 years and also competes in UK pole competitions.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 233240.png
Screenshot 2023-12-19 234618.png

Karamel Aura

Karamel Aura (she/her) is a half human, half syrup, pole dancing treat. She is a melt in your mouth, gooey delight and and is best known for her effortless buttery and silky smooth performances.

She has been pole dancing for over seven years, with a vast experience of teaching workshops around the UK and performing in shows and competitions; showcasing her signature old school style which lead to winning first place and overall in Exotic Generation and Pole Theatre UK 2022, and her most recent win in PDSM Competition 2023.

Karamel held a day of workshops on Saturday 8th April  2023 at AYA.

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